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The Cyber Effect

Jeff WebsiteThe Internet teaches us every day that we live in a universe of information whose most remote corners are instantly accessible.  Videos, twitter feeds, downloadable white papers, pop-up ads, rotating banners, an infinity of emails, snap chats, text messages… but before all of this we had neat packages of wisdom called books.  And we still have them.  And there is a way that they slow everything down, step back from the fray, explain the fundamentals behind all the change and leave us with observations that make it all more useful towards achieving social media goals.
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How to Make Things Happen in Social Media

Jeff WebsiteSocial Media

This blog is about using social media to make all kinds of things happen, but its focus is on making one primary thing happen — building communities in areas of interest vital to small cap companies.

That doesn’t mean you should stop reading if you are not a small cap company. The guidelines and effective structures are the same regardless of your size or purpose. Used well, however, social media is a great equalizer. It allows smaller entities to wield a larger stick. Read more

Top Ways to Engage Your Investors in 2015

In today’s world of big business, it’s important to keep investors interested in your company. With competition being more intense than ever for investors, knowing how to engage them is critical for success. Seen as the best way to encourage growth and confidence in a company, strengthening your connection with investors will be the best way to ensure long-term relationships are established. To make sure investors want to keep doing business with you, there are many ways to engage them that will provide the results you seek.

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Establish a Strong Investor Relations Strategy

Investor relations is an essential part of any business with stockholders or investors. If you do not have a strategy for maintaining them, then you need to implement the tips below as soon as possible.

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Improve Your Reports

When you are trying to offer reports to your stakeholders, you must make sure those reports make sense. Many business owners put out reports that are hard to read, difficult to conceptualize or are filled with unnecessary information. You should follow the steps below to make certain that your reports do more than just filter a bunch of numbers.

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The Power of the Tweet in IR Crisis Management

Twitter has become a valuable resource for individuals who are passionate about finding a way to get information out to their investors regarding changes that are affecting a company. When people feel that they have the information they need in order to make intelligent financial decisions investor relations and lasting relationships can be improved.

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Merging Social Media and Investor Relations in 4 Steps

Investor relations has entered a new era where forms of communication that were previously taboo are both permissible and accepted. In the past, investor relations departments were responsible for issuing bland earnings reports once per quarter and planning an investor conference once per year.

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5 Social Media Networks for Entrepreneurs

Social media offers much more than frivolous conversations and games. An entrepreneur must take full advantage of the opportunities presented to them on social media. There are people to meet and new ideas to learn. You can become a recognized name in your industry in all parts of the world thanks to social media. These five websites offer the most opportunities for entrepreneurs.

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Stock Market Game: Ups & Downs

Getting involved in the stock market can be risky and lucrative all at the same time. It is risky, because a person can lose their capital investment over night. It is lucrative, because a person can just as easily double or triple their capital investment in the same amount of time. There are two ways people tend to buy stock. The most popular way to buy stock is through a stock brokerage firm or an Internet-based stock trading platform hosted by one of these firms. This is often seen as the safer way to buy stocks. The reason is because a person has a lot of control over how quickly they can buy and sell stock shares. Alternatively, some people still buy stocks straight from the company offering stocks. The advantage of this method of purchasing stocks is that the stocks are sent directly to the stock holder. This means, the stock holder retains physical proof of the stocks they own in their possession. This latter method is more difficult, but it can force a person to be a more disciplined trader.

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Why is Employee Retention Important?

An experienced and happy employee is a huge benefit to a company. This is because an experienced employee understands how the company operates and how to offer incredible customer service. Happy employees tend to stay with the company longer and are more productive than disgruntled or burned out workers. Therefore, retaining these employees should be a top priority.

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